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Home » Golf Cart Parts » Controllers, Potentiometers Etc. » Cushman Controllers

275 Amp Controller GCT10465

275 Amp Controller GCT10465.


Curtis speed controller #1204-001. 24-36 volt, 275 amp. COLUMBIA H/D CUSHMAN MELEX NORDSKOG CURTIS 27094-G01 20972-G1 717 74883-87 831722 510154 74244 1204-001

Price: $445.00

300 Amp Controller GCT10482

300 Amp Controller GCT10482.


AllTrax 24-4 volt, 300 amp (NPX4834/0-5K) non-programmable solid state speed controller with 0-5K input 20972-G1 17438 Also works with some COLUMBIA H/D & Cushman

Price: $405.00

350 Amp Controller GCT10473

350 Amp Controller GCT10473.


Curtis speed controller #1205-201. 36-48-volt, 350 amp with H.P.D. CUSHMAN CLUB CAR COLUMBIA H/D EZGO

Price: $589.00

400 Amp Controller GCT10468

400 Amp Controller GCT10468.


Curtis speed controller #1205-101. 24-36-volt, 400 amp with H.P.D. CUSHMAN CURTIS NORDSKOG EZGO COLUMBIA H/D 15255 832858 1205-101 75484 73055-G02 74981-96

Price: $580.00

450 Amp Controller GCT10474

450 Amp Controller GCT10474.


Curtis speed controller #1209B-5501. 36-48-volt, 450 amp with H.P.D. CUSHMAN COLUMBIA H/D EZGO 15195

List Price: $1,600.00
Price: $1,100.00

650 Amp Contoller GCT10423

650 Amp Contoller GCT10423.


Alltrax, 24-48 volt 650 amp (AXE5865P/0-5K) series programmable solid state speed controller. 0-5K input with 4th buss bar/A2 terminal 20972-G1 74883-87

Price: $682.00

CONTROLLER, 500A 24-48V; (AXE-4855P)

CONTROLLER, 500A 24-48V; (AXE-4855P).


Alltrax 500A/24-48V series controller (AXE4855P) Colulumbia HD, Cushman, E-Z-GO 0-5K

Price: $631.00

Curtis foot switch

Curtis foot switch.


Curtis foot switch #FP-2. Universal applications.

Price: $322.00






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