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Home » Golf Cart Parts » Clutches & Clutch Parts » Jacobsen Clutch

Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly

Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly.


Pressure plate assembly. 6-1/2" diameter. For E-Z-GO industrial with hydraulic clutch. Also work for some CUSHMAN & JACOBSEN Models 882339 821907 21139-G1 594037 821907 10393-G1 1700420

Price: $234.60

Comet clutch dust cover

Comet clutch dust cover.


Comet clutch dust cover. For use with #218, #224.

Price: $43.70

Drive clutch - EZ

Drive clutch - EZ.


Comet drive clutch. For EZGO gas (4 cycle) 1991-99, also gas (2 cycle) 1989-93.

Price: $301.30

Puller bolt

Puller bolt.


Puller bolt for Comet clutch #GCT10213 & GCT10214. 9/16' x 1-3/8".

Price: $5.75






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