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Breezeasy Fan for 36 or 48 Volt Carts.

Breezeasy Fan for 36 or 48 Volt Carts

Better than any golf cart fan!

Have you ever wished for a strong breeze when it's blistering hot and humid? Well, now you can have that breeze anytime with the BREEZeasy® Cooling Blower™. Forget those old style golf cart fans!

Designed for golf cars, construction and farm equipment, boats and utility vehicles, the BREEZeasy® can move over 300 cubic feet of air per minute. Golfers and equipment operators love these! Spinning the dual, squirrel cage blowers, is a powerful and reliable, 3-speed motor suspended on, sound-dampening, neoprene motor mounts. Standard golf cart fans don't compare.

Constructed of injection molded, reinforced ABS plastic, the BREEZeasy® houses two, multidirectional louvers directing a cooling flow of air at the driver and passenger.

Don't fret about your batteries, you can use the BREEZeasy® continuously for hours and not have to worry about getting back to the club house or your home. Even on the highest speed setting, you will hardly notice additional power usage, and at a sound level not unlike your auto's air system.

Small and powerful, the blower can be mounted on the floor, roof, or dash. The BREEZeasy® is designed for quick and adaptable installations. It fits so well in many vehicles, it is often mistaken for a factory installed option. Standard golf car fans can't compete!

The BREEZeasy®  will keep you cool and comfortable on the golf course or in your tractor, and it can even keep you freer of pesky mosquitoes that enjoy quiet air. The BREEZeasy® puts a directed flow of cooling air directly across your face and body, right where you want it. No unsightly, roaring golf cart fan blades to bang your head on or stick your fingers in.

Sensible quality that really works.

BREEZeasy® Features and Specifications:
  • Manufactured, assembled, and designed in the United States of America.
  • 24 Volts works with most all electric carts
  • Designed to TecScan specifications by a leading auto industry designer and veteran plastics and modeling engineers.
  • The best compact blower system in an affordable, easy to use design.
  • A unique, adaptable, structure reinforcing, mounting system makes for easy installations.
  • Durable, injection-molded, ABS plastic housing and brackets in a soft-tone finish.
  • Computer designed, direct tuned air intakes maximize cooling air flow.
  • Neoprene motor mounts reduce noise.
  • Dual, 4-direction air-flow louvers.
  • 100% tested motors, designed for high use and low amp draw.
  • 4 position switch with plated-copper terminals.
  • 12 foot heavy-duty power cable with waterproof 15 amp fuse.
  • Maximum Flow Output: 310 cubic feet per minute.
  • Running constantly at the highest speed combined with 18 holes of golf will use about 50% of the power supply in a typical electric golf cart. Plenty of juice to get home.
  • Base Measurements: 4 1/2"H x 14 3/4"W x 7"D
  • 1-year limited warranty.

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Price: $189.00
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